Branded Boxed Marshmallows £2.71 plus VAT (£3.25)


2 piece marshmallow box with branding on the marshmallows and the box.

Min Qty: 25

Lead Time: From 5 days

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2 piece marshmallow box with branding on the marshmallows and the box. A variety of raspberry, salted caramel, vanilla gourmet marshmallows to choose from The raspberry flavoured marshmallows are pink mallows, really succulent and jammy, and are dusted with sharp-tasting raspberry to give a beautiful edge to the general sweetness. The salted caramel flavoured marshmallows are a gorgeous combination of salt and sweet. They are softer and fluffier than any other marshmallow you have ever tasted. The vanilla flavoured marshmallows live up to the very best. Incredibly light and delicate, these have a true vanilla flavour. They are handmade using top quality vanilla extract. The coconut flavoured marshmallow, if you love coconut then these are the marshmallows for you! Light and delicious, stirred in desiccated coconut throughout the marshmallow mixture to really give it that coco-nutty goodness. However you use them, these delectable treats will turn any meal, snack or hot drink into a special occasion. All available for branding. That little branded box for an upcoming exhibition or corporate event to attract attention. Have your logo, artwork or picture personalised on each gourmet marshamallow and box so every client that walks out the door will carry your logo with them.

Flavours: Vanilla, Raspberry, Salted Caramel


Additional Information

Weight: 15g
Printing Area: 45mm
Shelf Life: 4 months

Sugar, invert sugar syrup, water, gelatine, corn starch, vanilla seeds, natural vanilla flavouring. May contain traces of tree nuts.

Sugar, invert sugar syrup, water, raspberry (3.7%), gelatine, cornstarch.May contain traces of tree nuts.

Salted caramel:
Sugar, invert sugar syrup, water, Caramel au beurre salé 5.4% (sugar, glucose syrup, full milk, whipped cream, salted butter Isigny (3.7%), salt Guérande, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin), gelatine, corn starch, salt. May contain traces of tree nuts and soy.

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